Church Council

About the Council

Fourteen members serve on Church Council.  Twelve adults serve for a three year term and two youth serve for a one year term.  Elections are held in December of each year.

Current council members are:

  • Kathy Ferlin, President
  • Linda Reed, Vice-President
  • Beth Ziance, Secretary
  • Ashley Varner, Treasurer


  • Candace Bungard
  • Jim Burica
  • Andrew Clark
  • Kathy Ferlin
  • Herb Harris
  • Jane Lawson
  • Lucinda Nicely
  • Julie Rabenstein
  • Sandy Redinger
  • Linda Reed
  • Sue Wintermeyer
  • Beth Ziance


  • Matthew Davis
  • Jared Rivard

2017 September Council Minutes
2017 August Council Minutes
2017 July Council Minutes
2017 June Council Minutes
2017 May Council Minutes
2017 April Council Minutes
2017 March Council Minutes

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