The Evangelism Committee works to make Trinity an inviting, welcoming, faith-sharing, and mission-minded church.

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  • New Member Classes are held twice a year, in November and following Easter for three to four weeks. New members are received the first weekend in December and sometime in May.
  • Missionaries With prayer and finances, the people of Trinity Lutheran Church provide support to our missionaries who introduce others to God around the world. We are fortunate to have two missionaries who correspond with us regularly.
    • The Reverend Austin & Tanya Propst are the country coordinators of the Young Adults in Global Missions (YAGM) program in Madagascar.
    • The Reverend Jeffrey Truscott serves as a professor of theology, preaching, and worship at Trinity Theological College in Singapore.
  • Prayer Chain People are called in specific situations to pray for others. If you have a prayer concern that you would like to have on the prayer chain, please call the church office.
  • Holy Week Prayer Vigil is coordinated through the evangelism group. This allows us, as a congregation, to be in constant devotion to and meditation with our Lord from the time of Maundy Thursday worship through the Easter Vigil service.
  • Prayer Book is available in the Narthex for people to write prayer requests. The people and situations are them lifted in prayer by those who enter the worship space throughout the week and the prayer group.
  • Prayer Group meets on Tuesday mornings at 11:00 in the chapel to pray for people who have requested prayer and for the ongoing work of ministry in the world.
  • Birthday Phone Calls For each member of our congregation for whom we know your birthday, a member calls to share in the celebration and wish you God’s blessing on this special day.
  • Craft Fair is held in the downtown Latrobe area each September. The evangelism committee greets people and introduces them to our congregation in fun and refreshing ways.
  • Congregational Picnic is held each summer, on a Sunday morning and afternoon. We have worship service at the park followed by a meal and fellowship. This is a great way for our church to be seen as alive and active in the everyday life of our community.


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