Sponsor Flowers or Broadcasts

Sponsor Flowers

Altar flowers, flowers at the font, and radio broadcasts make fine gifts to remember or honor a loved one.

Members may order flowers from the florist of choice. There is a flower chart posted in the narthex for you to sign. Sunday or Wedding flowers may be left on the altar for weekday services or may be taken by the donors following the 10:45 a.m. service. (Please do NOT take the vase liners!) Flower costs are paid directly to the florist.

Sponsor Broadcasts

There is also a broadcast chart in the narthex to sign. Broadcasts are paid to the church. (Full hour & 1/2 hour broadcasts may be given). An envelope can be placed in the offering plate or in the church office specifically designated for a broadcast. Donors should contact the office with the wording for the church bulletin.

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